Sunday, March 29, 2009

Skulls Animation




We played a show on Friday in Providence Rhode Island with our friend Danger Dan's band Czech iz Your Master. It is said to have been our best one yet...

katie and carol in the blacklight hanging out at the studio after the show(BLONDES LOOK AWESOME IN BLACKLIGHT)

Next show is Thursday April 9th at LIT Lounge.

I shot this video of a flounder (eyes!, freakface!) the next day at the Aquarium in CT.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I don't A-I-Give a #1!@

OK, that's not exactly true, I don't think they should go on unchecked while they rob the country, but geez, do you have to mention it every 5 seconds (NPR!)?

Maybe they should give them all one these instead of a big fat bonus :

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"In Praise of Rapturous Truth" Herzog's 'Encounters' and Roger Ebert

Between last night and this morning, I watched Herzog's latest (I think?) documentary Encounters at the End of the World (I always want to add 'Close' to the beginning). It is a lovely film with such a clear vision from Herzog; he believes in what he is saying, showing, and sharing with the audience. It has real depth, and unless you are yourself a single-celled organism like the ones the deep sea scientists are studying at the bottom of the ice-topped ocean, you will be moved. At first glance I, like many I think, thought it would be an apocalyptic warning film about the rapid destruction of nature, but it is actually more about the people and their reaction to the harshness of the Antarctic landscape, and more importantly how, in most cases, it was their reaction to the harshness of the modern world elsewhere that brought them there in the first place.

I hated for the film to end, but when it did I noticed on the black end title screen the words 'Dedicated to Roger Ebert' and I was like, huh? So I googled it and he really meant it and it opened up this whole story about how Roger Ebert has been really sick with cancer these past few years and probably won't be around much longer. If you have never seen Ebert's film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, I highly recommend it (written by Ebert, directed by Russ Meyer). He is also probably the best film critic around, whose reviews you can trust.

This was my favorite part. It made me cry.

Here are a few pics from one of my favorite Herzog films (I can't choose), Cobra Verde starring the wonderful KLAUS KINSKI.


Coincidence! He looks like another wildman I know named LBK ('07 blog link featuring the Tetris Dorm).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

2 Sweet Art Shows! (Present and Future)

Last weekend . . .

Saw a great show last Friday...(maybe Sat)? at Deitch projects. No, not Ryan McGuinness (though the welded aluminum sculpture that you see on the front page his website is nice), that show is old news and frankly everyone I know was bored with it at first sight. The night's redemption came in the form of Jon Kessler's show at smaller Deitch space just right around the corner. Mad contraptions, junkily put together; video cameras, projectors, LCD monitors, and least one Ken doll who's ass was programmed to continually scrape around the floor in a circular motion.

I took a picture of this stunningly creepy part of the exhibition, which is set to peer out of the front window at passersby:

Part Jesus, part scary bum (note the I Love NY tee), part animatronic Santa Claus, part fundamentalist, Socrates maybe? But all creepy in a good way. Thanks Deitch.

ON to the future......!

Tomorrow Dana Schutz has a show opening in Chelsea at Zach Feuer (link is to Zach Feuer site). She loves to paint (bold and bizarre) and it shows - the work is always exciting, so go see it already!!

This painting is not from this show, it is from an exhibition in Germany in 2008, but it is so fucking cool... It is called "Singed Picnic".

the end

Monday, March 9, 2009

White Diamonds do Manhattan!

My band White Diamonds are finally breaking into the local scene; we've got 3 shows lined up within the next month after an awesome kick-off show last night at Monster Island (thanks to Toddp for requesting our presence). I will post some pictures as soon as I can get hold of some. Check out Toddp's website for info on almost daily shows in around the city - mostly in Brooklyn. All kinds of music- up and coming - noise, dance, what have you - these shows are always interesting.

Here is our current line-up of shows:

Thursday 3/19/09 at Fontana's (10pm)
Thursday 4/9/09 at LIT Lounge (10pm)
Friday 4/17/09 at Annex (prior to Ruff Club) with after-party at Carol's Loft!

More to come!!!!