Monday, March 9, 2009

White Diamonds do Manhattan!

My band White Diamonds are finally breaking into the local scene; we've got 3 shows lined up within the next month after an awesome kick-off show last night at Monster Island (thanks to Toddp for requesting our presence). I will post some pictures as soon as I can get hold of some. Check out Toddp's website for info on almost daily shows in around the city - mostly in Brooklyn. All kinds of music- up and coming - noise, dance, what have you - these shows are always interesting.

Here is our current line-up of shows:

Thursday 3/19/09 at Fontana's (10pm)
Thursday 4/9/09 at LIT Lounge (10pm)
Friday 4/17/09 at Annex (prior to Ruff Club) with after-party at Carol's Loft!

More to come!!!!

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